With a focus on active learning strategies, the IC-IMPACTS 2016 Summer Institute program will include interactive presentations, panel sessions with leading academics, case studies with industry participation, group discussions, laboratory visits and demonstrations, “rapid fire” e-poster sessions, networking opportunities, and participation in a team presentation.

In addition to innovative sessions, the program provides a setting for graduate students to exercise their evaluation and decision-making skills in a group of their peers and to contribute their own ideas and perspectives.

Plenary Sessions and Panel Discussions

Plenary presentations will feature academic experts and industry professionals from the nanotechnologies field speaking to a particular theme. A facilitated panel discussion will follow each of the plenary sessions. These facilitated discussions will be an opportunity for the participants to engage directly with the speakers.

Participants will also have an opportunity to interact with the speakers during refreshment breaks or over lunch.

Seminar Session, Parallel Sessions and Applied Case Studies

A foundational seminar will address what graduate student researchers working in the field of nanotechnologies need to know and how the research is being used in different contexts. The session offers an opportunity to learn about specific issues and best practices, while engaging in dialogue with leading experts.

Parallel sessions, focusing on one of the three research themes: safe and sustainable infrastructure, integrated water management or public health, will provide participants an opportunity for deeper exploration into the research issues and innovations in that theme.

Case studies provide practical, real-life examples to contextualize theoretical concepts. This session will highlight challenges, strategies and best practices.

Laboratory Visits, Demonstrations and Industrial Engagement

Visits will be made to laboratories to examine innovative approaches and applications. Demonstrations by researchers and engagement with industry will provide insights and examples of how nanotechnologies are being used across sectors. 

Working Group Sessions: Introduction to Scientific Entrepreneurship

Beginning with an introduction to the process of innovation from scientific research, the participants will be exposed to various concepts needed to develop a technology-based company. The approach is activity-based and experiential. Participants will work in teams to apply concepts to a project, culminating in a final presentation.

The focus will be on the members’ abilities to work collaboratively, research, analyze, and synthesize a topic or issue and inform/explain their learning to an audience.  The team must demonstrate their learning to the audience by creating an original, creative, and powerful response.  The audience will have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions following the presentation.

“Rapid Fire” E-Poster Sessions

All participants will present an e-poster during the Summer Institute.

Participants will have a total of 4 minutes to make their poster presentation. A total of 5 slides will be permitted.