Program Components:

The emphasis will be on information gathering, in-depth discussion and knowledge sharing.  Participants will have an opportunity to explore, with community members and researchers, the unique challenges faced by Indigenous communities in Canada, specifically within the context of a First Nations’ community in British Columbia, and the interconnectivity of those issues to rural communities in India. Participants will also share preliminary strategies for future engagement with the ?aq’am community.

An opportunity to experience and observe first hand community challenges faced by a First Nations community in British Columbia. Current water, infrastructure and health challenges, innovation gaps, current community responses and input will be the catalyst to form new project/company ideas that will be worked on throughout the program with peers & mentors.

An opportunity for participants to engage with youth in the community by sharing their research, demonstrating how scientific research can solve specific community challenges and in doing so, inspire young people to be turned on by science.

To ensure participants have the necessary prerequisite skills both technically and culturally to succeed, the program will emphasize the development of specific community-context skills and will receive an orientation to the community by elders and residents. This training will enable them to have a better ability to understand life in the community.