IC-IMPACTS, the India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability, brings together a team of expert researchers, industry innovators, community leaders, government agencies, and community organizations, to work hand-in-hand to find solutions to the key challenges that affect the quality of life of millions of people in Indian and Canadian communities.

IC-IMPACTS is a partnership among three of Canada’s leading research universities (The University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, and University of Toronto), and internationally reputed academic institutions in India (Indian Institutes of Technology in Bombay, Roorkee and Delhi; Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, V.P. Ches Institute; and the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.) Collectively, these institutions form the hub of a strategic network of academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, industrial leaders, community partners, and governments across Canada and India.

Working closely with communities in Canada and India, IC-IMPACTS and its partners develop solutions to the most urgent needs of each nation: poor water quality, unsafe and unsustainable infrastructure, and poor health from water-borne and infectious diseases.

By providing real-world experiences in implementing solutions in community contexts, IC-IMPACTS’ goal is to train and equip a generation of entrepreneurial researchers and innovators with essential skills in research, innovation, commercialization, and leadership. These “innovation leaders” will continue the work of IC-IMPACTS around the world, driving knowledge economies and enabling enduring social change.


About ?aq’am

ʔaq̓am is a member community of the Ktunaxa Nation. As a community, we share many values – recognizing the importance of family, unity and co-operation, effective communication, love and kindness, respect, safety and security, inclusion, education and learning, healthy and balanced living – and take pride in our heritage, language and culture. We value natural law and practice stewardship of the land, water, animals, and plants.

The vision of our Ktunaxa ancestors continues to guide us through traditions, customs, language, and beliefs. We strive to govern effectively and maximize our lands and resources for the benefit of all living things and future generations, in accordance with our values and principles. We recognize Ktunaxa rights and title.

Our Band Council consists of a Chief and four Councillors, all elected through the Band’s own election process. ʔaq̓am members are employed in a variety of fields, including local government, hospitality, construction, transportation, tourism, forestry, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

The ʔaq̓am administration operates a diverse range of programs and services, including the ʔaq̓amnik̓ Elementary school, ʔaq̓amnik̓ Daycare, ʔaq̓amnik̓ After School and Summer Programs, Community Education Services, Community Health, Economic Development, Lands/Natural Resources and Housing and Administrative services. These functions are operated centrally at the Band’s Administration Building.

The ʔaq̓am Community has the largest population of all Ktunaxa Nation Bands and the largest land base, occupying 18,420 acres or 7,461 hectares in total.

ʔaq̓am members work together to foster a vibrant, healthy community in which everyone has a role to play.